Dolphin Web Browser

Cover art
What it does: Dolphin browser is an ad free web browser
  • Privacy Concern

On paper, Dolphin Browser is an amazing apps, it supports HTML5 and flash, has integrated ad blocking, has tabs and a bunch of other features including private browsing. However, it saves all the sites you browsed on a file on your phone. Not to mention the amount of things this browser tracks, everything you do in this app is tracked and sold to someone.

Alternatives: Brave, Lightning, Firefox, Opera…



2 thoughts on “Dolphin Web Browser”

  1. Chrome should not be a recommended alternative for the privacy concerned, intact it should be on the blacklist. Best alternatives are Firefox beta and privacy centric Firefox Focus


  2. @beerbaron23 Chrome is in fact a privacy concern, but as soon as you log into your phone you’re basically giving all your info to google anyway so using chrome hardly makes a difference. As a matter of fact most phones come with chrome installed anyway and most people are familiar with it, which is why it is recommended.


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