DU Battery Saver – Battery Charger & Battery Life

Cover art
What it does: DU Battery saver claims to extend your phones battery life


  • Snake Oil
  • Intrusive Ads
There are many ways to extend your phone’s battery life, but this app isn’t one of them, in fact in most cases it actually decreases it. The app is plagued with ads and bombards phones with notifications and locks screen ads. It also claims it can speed up the charge rate of your phone, which is completely false, charge rate is dictated by phone hardware, the type of charger you’re using and in some cases cable quality.
Alternatives: Greenify, Amplify

1 thought on “DU Battery Saver – Battery Charger & Battery Life”

  1. I would argue to say that Greenify and Amplify are obsolete when using on Marshmallow and newer. Two better alternatives would be BetterBatteryStats and AccuBattery.


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