CM Launcher 3D – HD Theme & Live Wallpaper

What it does: CM Launcher 3D is a launcher replacement for your homescreen


  • Naughty devs
  • Privacy concern
  • Questionable permissions

Cheetah Mobile is known to be a shady developer that really likes to collect user data, and this app is no different. A launcher app usually has many permissions, but it shouldn’t need to read your SMS or your contacts. To top it off, the app is full of gimmicks and unnecessary additions like a security and RAM cleaning suite. The app is a bloated mess that is sure to slow down your phone.

Alternatives: Nova Launcher, Smart Launcher


1 thought on “CM Launcher 3D – HD Theme & Live Wallpaper”

  1. Hey,

    This is a great article about Cm Launcher 3d. I really like this theme and I will surely try this android launcher on my android phone.

    I am using nova launcher prime on my phone and it is working flawlessly so far. I will also try some other launcher as mentioned in this list.

    Thanks for sharing this article.


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