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What it does: Messenger claims to join various messaging apps in a single app
  • Snake Oil
  • Naughty Dev

Right now Messenger is the 24th app on the Top Apps list where I live. Messenger (by FORBIS s.r.o.) gets all its downloads by pretending to be the Facebook app of the same name and fooling people that don’t look at the name of the developer. All this app does is launch other chat applications and show you copious amounts of ads while it does it’s “job”.  In fact, most of the apps made by this developer employ the same tactic but to other categories, that’s why it has earned an entry on our Naughty Devs page.

Alternatives: Snowball and Disa

If you downloaded this app you’re probably looking for Messenger by Facebook


2 thoughts on “Messenger”

  1. Julia, this app is not facebook messenger, this is a copycat app. While Facebook Messenger has privacy issues that is not the app being featured here


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