Virus Cleaner ( Hi Security ) – Antivirus, Booster

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What it does: Virus cleaner is an antivirus, RAM cleaner and app locker
  • Naughty Dev
  • Snake Oil

Virus cleaner is the holy grail of snake oil apps. This is a company with no background in viruses so no one knows updated their database is. They claim to have “Double Engine Antivirus” but never explain what it is.  They claim to be powered by McAfee, which in itself is another huge red flag. The app is also a “RAM cleaner” which we already discussed in our apps guide. For some reason it also boasts “Wi-Fi” security, which is a real feature that some apps outside the Play Store offer because it breaks googles Terms of Service, however in this app its totally fake

Alternatives: AVG Antivirus, Antivirus & Security by Avast

The author would like to remind its readers that if you’re not downloading apps from shady sources outside the play store the probability of having a virus is almost non existent. Most people have no need for an antivirus on their android phone.


1 thought on “Virus Cleaner ( Hi Security ) – Antivirus, Booster”

  1. Really glad to see you added this disgusting app to the list.

    The developer “Hawk App Studios” is actually a subsidiary of TCL (Alcatel)
    Alcatel partnered with McAfee and Intel on this garbage.
    It is Intel that is scanning the users WIFI. Not sure when Intel decided to get into the “antivirus” field?
    The app also uses Facebook’s Graph API which is in headline news due to Cambridge Analytica.


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