UC Browser

Cover art
What it does: UC Browser is a web browser.
  • Intrusive ads
  • Questionable permissions
  • Privacy concern

As soon as I installed UC Browser it asked for permission to manage my phone calls. I don’t know why a browser needs that, but I’m not going to try and find out why. The next thing it did, and mind you, this is before I even opened a single web page, it sent a notification about some topless model. If that was not enough last year many users reported that UC was displaying ads on their lockscreen. This is truly unacceptable behavior for any application and it’s actually quite amazing how it manages to stay on the top downloaded apps and have so many users vouch for it on the reviews. Then again, this has also been the most requested app which means not all users have a high tolerance for intrusive apps.

Alternatives: Brave, Lighting browser, Firefox, Opera…


I’d like to thank everyone that recommended I feature this app



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