Bannable offenses

Here’s what makes an app get featured in this site

  • Intrusive ads: The app in question has too many ads, a bad ads ethic or puts ads where it shouldn’t i.e. lockscreen
  • Snake oil: The app either does not do what it’s meant to do or doesn’t do anything at all
  • Privacy concern: If an app steals your contacts, tracks you or does anything else that infringes on your privacy in ways that the app shouldn’t it is deserving of this offense
  • Virus: This app installs viruses on your phone or acts as a Trojan to allow the entrance of other viruses
  • Unnecessary root: If an app requests root when it has no business doing so it should definitely be kept off your phone
  • Questionable permissions: If a text editor needs access to your contacts maybe you should find another alternative. Any app that has too many unnecessary permissions it definitely does not belong in your phone
  • Naughty Devs: An app that is marked with this offense is made by a developer that has an history of shady apps. The app itself may be harmless for now but the developer shouldn’t be trusted.